Nathalia & Bo - engaged!

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Nathalia, Bo and I tried to get a sunny day to do their engagement portraits but our travel schedules and the weather never quite aligned. Not a worry. I'm happy with the images from their shoot; its fun to make interesting images out of whatever weather conditions are available. Sunshine is ideal, but not always realistic.

Nathalia and Bo met while fly fishing on the Russian River (does it get any better?) so we used their dry-fly set-ups as props for some of the imagery. Other than that, I just had fun photographing them being in love.

Check back in on the blog next July (and sooner if you like) for a post from their wedding!

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  1. Beautiful. You two look so happy and in love. Congratulations! Can't wait to see the wedding photographs.

  2. They're so unique. Congratulations Nathalia and Bo!!!

  3. I love the "caught" idea.. you two are beautiful and are going to make a wonderful married couple!!

    ~ Amanda Pittman

  4. First time I have seen your pictures. They are beautiful...Hope to see you all this summer.. Love, Auntie Bee