Stephanie & Craig - engaged!

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I met Stephanie late last autumn while counting northern fur seals on one of St. George's rookeries. She visited the island for a couple weeks as a teaching intern at the elementary school during which time we took her and another intern out to the rookery to see if any seals were still about.

A few months after returning home to Anchorage she contacted me with news of her engagment and to set up a meeting to discuss photography for her wedding. We're still a whole, long winter's season away from their wedding, but this summer I met up with Stephanie and Craig to take their engagement portraits. The day we happened to choose (sometime in late July/early August) ended up being perfect. The tram operator down in Girdwood told us it was the best evening they'd had in weeks. Glad we were there for it. Check the blog next June to see images from Stephanie and Craig's wedding celebration!

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