day 11



an outtake below:


Megan and Kevin--Anchorage wedding


Megan and Kevin were as sweet as can be. One of my favorite things about the day was that, aside from Kevin bawling as he watched Megan walk down the aisle towards him (like no other groom I'd seen--to his credit!), the two of them took the time during the reception to walk around and greet/thank every guest for coming to the wedding. They were so outside of themselves. Here are a few of my favorite photos from their Kincaid Park ceremony and reception.

Below is the slide show--->or scroll down through my favorite single images from the wedding.





















day 10 portrait

Happy halloween from the dead princesses.





day 9

Today's chosen portrait: Michael Booth, Alaskaphile living in the midwest.


Also, see my little crush, Olivia, below...


And my family...




day 7

One-fourth of Principia College's exclusive camera club.



day 6 portrait


I made today's portrait while photographing my parents for Chaco footwear in southern Illinois (on bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River). The light was butter and honey on this windy day and where they were standing in the tall bluff grasses was ideal. I stopped them and posed this portrait and made a series of frames. The above is the best portrait of the bunch but I like the candid outtake below the best.



day 5

The first portrait I've posted here is my favorite of the day. It's of my big brother, Forrest.


I'm feeling like I cheated yesterday since all I posted was a photo that I took during full day wedding coverage. But I was tired and when 3am rolled around and I was posting, I just sort of went with what I had.

To make up for it, I took two portraits today of people I'd never met. Since part of the purpose of this exercise is to become more comfortable w/making portraits of folks I don't know on the fly, I need to be practicing that every chance I get. As soon as I arrived in the Lambert St. Louis airport tonight, I immediately found subjects to work with.


The first is a cadet that was lined up with 40 others near the airport's entry. Something struck me about this individual in particular. I think it was that, to me, he had the appearance of a young man that has been through some adversity and had enlisted to sort his life out. Who knows if that could be true but I liked that his appearance made me conjure up that story about him. And he just looked like a scared, young recruit. Something classic about his appearance.


This second lady, named Hope, was a hoot. I saw her near this sign and loved her hair. As soon as she finished up a call, I asked her if I could usher her back in front of the sign in order to capture the outline of her amazing hair against what I found to be a humorous backdrop.

Looking at these portraits later, I wish I could have shot them differently in order to better capture the personality of the people--and to capture what I thought the photo could be when I first saw the subjects. I'm going to work on this. I'm not going to feel as rushed when I make these portraits.


day 4

Day four portrait. Beautiful, long wedding day.
I'm exhausted.



day 3

I'm in Connecticut for a wedding weekend right now and was in the basement of the bride's house today before the wedding rehearsal (at a nearby beautiful park/lake area) and I noticed this shaft of light:


I about back flipped! What great light! Surrounded by darkness! My kind of light. So I went and grabbed someone to put in it. This first shot is today's portrait. The beauty of this light scenario is that I realized I could use my bare arms to reflect and bounce light back into my subject. That's why, in this first portrait and first outtake, the subject's face is lit slightly on the right side. That was light reflecting from my arms. Without that reflecting light, the only lit part of the face would have been around her right eye.


I've included some favorite outtakes. I grabbed the bride and groom for a few portraits and then a photographer friend to show her the light.




Tomorrow's a wedding. But I'll try not to take a bride and groom portrait for the daily installment. Stay tuned...


day 2

Installment portrait for day 2. This is a friend at Dunkin' Donuts--the ubiquitous east coast donut mecca--near West Hartford, Connecticut. When I was a kid, we had a Dunkin' D's up in Anchorage (on Debarr near Muldoon for you Anchorites). Every time I drove by that place with my brother and dad there would be two guys sitting at the bar eating donuts. We could see them through the windows. "There's the two guys," we would affirm. There were always just two.



starting somewhere

I've been thinking a lot lately about how I'd like to grow as a photographer. One area I could really stand to progress is in the crafting of a portait. The idea of making a portrait (or any good photograph in a series) each day for a set amount of time is quite appealing and I've seen various photographers do this to date. Lately, Clark James Mishler, probably the most well-known photographer in Anchorage has been on a portrait-a-day diet that began January 1 of this year and runs out with 2010.

Flying out of Anchorage again today for a month in the lower 48 with these thoughts running around in my head, I decided there are a number of reasons that I should get going on my own portrait-a-day run for this next month:
~I need to learn to craft a good environmental portrait in any situation with any light.
~It's good practice to approach strangers and ask to take their photo.
~A photographer should really always have a personal project that they're working on--something they're constantly thinking about and contributing to (no matter how busy they are!!)
~It's good to make yourself do something like this once a day in an all out battle against "resistance."

So with that, I present to you a portrait from day one. Expect another--daily--for the next month. Also, expect them to get better. There is no reason why I would put the following portrait in my portfolio. But the fact is, I made myself take it tonight after sitting on planes all day from Alaska. So I won a small battle. And who cares if it's not noteworthy? You have to start somewhere...

IMG_2520 copy
Editor's note: this man responded to Shaquille O'Neal's tweet that he'd be hanging out in Harvard Square today, acting like a statue. Incidentally, my subject here went down to gawk at O'Neal and ended up in some photographer's image online. That makes two.


Meghan & Greg wedding portraits - Seattle!

As promised, here are a selection of portraits taken the day after Meghan and Greg's Seattle wedding.

IMG_6812 copy

Scroll down two posts below this one on the blog to see pictures from their wedding day.

IMG_5627 copy

IMG_6169 copy

IMG_5549 copy

IMG_5433 copy

IMG_5996 copy

IMG_5562 copy

IMG_6165 copy

IMG_5468 copy

IMG_5598 copy

IMG_6196 copy

IMG_5773 copy

IMG_6356 copy

IMG_6329 copy

IMG_6707 copy

IMG_6397 copy

IMG_6630 copy

IMG_6886 copy

IMG_6606 copy

IMG_6476 copy