day 2

Installment portrait for day 2. This is a friend at Dunkin' Donuts--the ubiquitous east coast donut mecca--near West Hartford, Connecticut. When I was a kid, we had a Dunkin' D's up in Anchorage (on Debarr near Muldoon for you Anchorites). Every time I drove by that place with my brother and dad there would be two guys sitting at the bar eating donuts. We could see them through the windows. "There's the two guys," we would affirm. There were always just two.


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  1. Nathaniel!
    The portraits below of Meghan and Greg are wonderful! I'm more and more impressed by your photos.
    I'm with you on all your thoughts on where you're going as a photographer. I've been soul searching a bit myself...
    I've been following Clark's daily as well. He's the man!

    You've inspired me to commit to a month of portraits as well starting tomorrow!

    I'll look forward to seeing what you do and look forward to hooking up when you get back! - Wayde