day 3

I'm in Connecticut for a wedding weekend right now and was in the basement of the bride's house today before the wedding rehearsal (at a nearby beautiful park/lake area) and I noticed this shaft of light:


I about back flipped! What great light! Surrounded by darkness! My kind of light. So I went and grabbed someone to put in it. This first shot is today's portrait. The beauty of this light scenario is that I realized I could use my bare arms to reflect and bounce light back into my subject. That's why, in this first portrait and first outtake, the subject's face is lit slightly on the right side. That was light reflecting from my arms. Without that reflecting light, the only lit part of the face would have been around her right eye.


I've included some favorite outtakes. I grabbed the bride and groom for a few portraits and then a photographer friend to show her the light.




Tomorrow's a wedding. But I'll try not to take a bride and groom portrait for the daily installment. Stay tuned...

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