day 5

The first portrait I've posted here is my favorite of the day. It's of my big brother, Forrest.


I'm feeling like I cheated yesterday since all I posted was a photo that I took during full day wedding coverage. But I was tired and when 3am rolled around and I was posting, I just sort of went with what I had.

To make up for it, I took two portraits today of people I'd never met. Since part of the purpose of this exercise is to become more comfortable w/making portraits of folks I don't know on the fly, I need to be practicing that every chance I get. As soon as I arrived in the Lambert St. Louis airport tonight, I immediately found subjects to work with.


The first is a cadet that was lined up with 40 others near the airport's entry. Something struck me about this individual in particular. I think it was that, to me, he had the appearance of a young man that has been through some adversity and had enlisted to sort his life out. Who knows if that could be true but I liked that his appearance made me conjure up that story about him. And he just looked like a scared, young recruit. Something classic about his appearance.


This second lady, named Hope, was a hoot. I saw her near this sign and loved her hair. As soon as she finished up a call, I asked her if I could usher her back in front of the sign in order to capture the outline of her amazing hair against what I found to be a humorous backdrop.

Looking at these portraits later, I wish I could have shot them differently in order to better capture the personality of the people--and to capture what I thought the photo could be when I first saw the subjects. I'm going to work on this. I'm not going to feel as rushed when I make these portraits.

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