day 6 portrait


I made today's portrait while photographing my parents for Chaco footwear in southern Illinois (on bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River). The light was butter and honey on this windy day and where they were standing in the tall bluff grasses was ideal. I stopped them and posed this portrait and made a series of frames. The above is the best portrait of the bunch but I like the candid outtake below the best.



  1. I WANT TO BE THEM WHEN I GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- Erin Popek

  2. Ohhh geez, oh pete! "Heck" has nothin' on those two precious people! I LOVE these photos of them. Your love infuses the shots with even more light than the sunshine, Natty. They are so blessed to have you as their beloved son in whom they are well-pleased! xo