Meghan & Greg wedding portraits - Seattle!

As promised, here are a selection of portraits taken the day after Meghan and Greg's Seattle wedding.

IMG_6812 copy

Scroll down two posts below this one on the blog to see pictures from their wedding day.

IMG_5627 copy

IMG_6169 copy

IMG_5549 copy

IMG_5433 copy

IMG_5996 copy

IMG_5562 copy

IMG_6165 copy

IMG_5468 copy

IMG_5598 copy

IMG_6196 copy

IMG_5773 copy

IMG_6356 copy

IMG_6329 copy

IMG_6707 copy

IMG_6397 copy

IMG_6630 copy

IMG_6886 copy

IMG_6606 copy

IMG_6476 copy


  1. These are INCREDIBLE!!! So funky and romantic, sweet and fun! Nice job all!!!

  2. Awesome Job! Very nice!!! Love the puddle one!

  3. Natty, these are extraordinary shots.

  4. I love the pics and I love everything the bride is wearing. My favorite is the 4th one down of them jumping up with the umbrella and the most awesome shoes ever!