Of my favorite places in the world...




Its good to be back on the island.

This visit is short. Weather kept me out for a couple days and I've got to leave on Saturday but for now, with my wedding edits in tow to work on while Ryan's busy, and a few hikes along the coast planned, my soul is grateful to have returned home.

There is almost nothing in the world better than arriving at a place you hold dear and being welcomed by its residents (or just one resident). Ann--see above photo--is one of my favorite people on St. George. She is just so dear. My buddy Ryan calls her his Aleut Grandmother. Looking at this photo, one could be inclined to call her the Spirit of Penair. Good ole' Ann.


  1. I love this picture of my Mom Nataniel, nice work!!

  2. What a wonderful picture of Ann (Mom #2) LOVE - Thanks for sharing Jen. :)