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I've been thinking a lot lately about how I'd like to grow as a photographer. One area I could really stand to progress is in the crafting of a portait. The idea of making a portrait (or any good photograph in a series) each day for a set amount of time is quite appealing and I've seen various photographers do this to date. Lately, Clark James Mishler, probably the most well-known photographer in Anchorage has been on a portrait-a-day diet that began January 1 of this year and runs out with 2010.

Flying out of Anchorage again today for a month in the lower 48 with these thoughts running around in my head, I decided there are a number of reasons that I should get going on my own portrait-a-day run for this next month:
~I need to learn to craft a good environmental portrait in any situation with any light.
~It's good practice to approach strangers and ask to take their photo.
~A photographer should really always have a personal project that they're working on--something they're constantly thinking about and contributing to (no matter how busy they are!!)
~It's good to make yourself do something like this once a day in an all out battle against "resistance."

So with that, I present to you a portrait from day one. Expect another--daily--for the next month. Also, expect them to get better. There is no reason why I would put the following portrait in my portfolio. But the fact is, I made myself take it tonight after sitting on planes all day from Alaska. So I won a small battle. And who cares if it's not noteworthy? You have to start somewhere...

IMG_2520 copy
Editor's note: this man responded to Shaquille O'Neal's tweet that he'd be hanging out in Harvard Square today, acting like a statue. Incidentally, my subject here went down to gawk at O'Neal and ended up in some photographer's image online. That makes two.

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  1. Well done NattyKinz ...I love this commitment of 1 portrait/day. How about this ...I will match you ...1 blog post/day from me for 1 portrait photo/day from you?! Deal?
    Can't wait to laugh with you this weekend ...and perhaps cry ...we'll see what comes up!