Mary Beth and Eddie - Connecticut wedding!


Eddie and Mary Beth held their wedding celebration on a beautiful autumn day in West Hartford, Connecticut last month. I have to say, they did a fine job of planning a celebration that would reflect who they are--playful, casual, caring, and full of love. Their fondness for the outdoors was represented in the ceremony location: on a point of land jutting out into a lake not far from where Mary Beth grew up.

I've known Eddie for almost a decade now. He remains one of the sweetest, most selfless people I have ever met. Back in college when I was involved in various photo media presentations in auditoriums around campus, he was usually on the tech crew. He has this big heart and willingness to help and would always just drop whatever he was doing, without a hint of annoyance, to help me overcome whatever technical glitch I had encountered.

Mary Beth is no different and perfectly complements Eddie. Her affection and her patience are an ocean and people are naturally drawn to her--exhibit Eddie or, as you'll see in the slide show, a dear former preschool student of hers. MB and Eddie are the kind of people that make you think hard about how you can be a better person and I'm quite grateful to be counted among their friends.

Below is a slide show from their wedding weekend. Please pause it and give it a moment to load after clicking play!


  1. More incredible work! You are amazing my friend! Such a beautiful wedding!

  2. Meredith Ann PagettNovember 27, 2010 at 1:29 PM

    You rock!!!! Thank you so much for capturing this weekend just right!

  3. The intro you wrote about us is so beautiful--Thank you!
    And the photos speak for themselves :-)

  4. Great music! Great pics! Great people! You captured it all Nathaniel! Just amazing work and I agree with MB...your intro is beautiful and speaks to both of them as a couple so well. I'm going to be smiling and singing "Fly me to the Moon" all night. :)