Whitney & Kris - California wedding!!

IMG_3545 copy

"Grace" is a recurring theme in Whitney's life. When my dear friends Whitney and Kris got married in October at a retreat in the mountains outside of Ojai they made a weekend out of it. Friends came from all over the country to spend some days celebrating life and the union of these two. By the end of a weekend of surfing, late night conversations, community dinners, hot tubbing, yoga, and disc golf, friends and family were commenting on what a perfect weekend it had been--relaxed and celebratory. Connections had deepened and, above all, we had initiated the union of Whitney and Kris in a beautiful way. After it was all over, I reveled in the expression of grace that I had seen in Whitney throughout the weekend and in Kris' support of her a reflection of his own pure sense of grace.

These two have a lust for adventure, laughter, loving and community. I can't wait to see all that they do together!

Please enjoy their slide show below. I hope that I have even somewhat managed to capture the love that we all felt that weekend. (And stay tuned for future documentation of the continued adventures of Whitney and Kris).

*Hint* -you may need to press "play" in the center and then give the slide show a minute to load!


  1. Fabulous job man! Do you have these hosted anywhere like Flickr so guys like me can take a peep at your Metadata?

  2. what an amazing weekend! Nate, you did an amazing job of capturing it's beauty and love. Thanks guys!
    All our love,
    Mike and Becky

  3. Natty, you captured the love beautifully.
    thank you for letting us all relive it through your eye.
    nicole, dwayne and your biggest fan, miss Olivia

  4. Wow, thanks bro. What a gift to relive that weekend of beauty and love. --Janessa

  5. How very special to see beautiful Whitney's beautiful wedding documented by Nate's amazing talent! I felt like I was there as I watched the program!
    So happy we got to know each other in St. Louis! xoxo DiAnne Drake (AB)

  6. Wow. Thanks for the refresher course! Just beautiful.