Anne & Brett - Austin wedding!


Brett is a wedding photographer based out of Austin, Texas so I was pretty sure he would know what he was doing when he and Anne put the details of their wedding day together. A last minute (wise) decision was made to hold the ceremony in the big, beautiful backyard of the Mercury Hall because the day was clearly made for it. What ensued, post-ceremony, had to be the best dance floor I have ever been fortunate enough to photograph (and be a part of)! Rarely do I get to actually get my groove on at a wedding but, being a friend, Brett and Anne had made sure to make me feel welcome at the celebration-- to eat and be merry on their wedding day. And so, assured that another photographer friend of Brett's was also on the job, I took breaks to socialize and dance!

Brett and Anne have sublime taste in music so the day was filled with it - from ceremony to cocktail hour to reception. My greatest memory of Brett from college (besides working alongside him at the photo desk of our school newspaper) was his zeal for dance parties. The DJ went as far as to say that Anne and Brett were his best couple yet. Brett had set up a camera and light in a side room as a "photo booth" and, naturally, props he had placed there (such as feather boas and plastic guitars) made their way onto the dance floor as the night wore on and only the dedicated remained on the dance floor. You'll notice a healthy selection of dance photos in this slide show. This is purely documentary, indicative of the reality.

It was lovely getting to know Anne. She was grace and light and I can't wait to hang out w/these guys together more in the future. Perhaps for another round of karaoke. Thanks Brett and Anne!

Press play and then please give the slide show a minute to load.


  1. Now that is some SERIOUS gettin' jiggy wid it! ;o) Beautiful photos as always. I love that Ms. Mia shows up in so many of your photo montages! Love to you Natty-kins. I am starting to get anxious to find a groom just so I can share another wedding with you! Heheh xoxo

  2. Ok, I have to say that this could be one of my all time favorite wedding slide shows ever. Amazing pictures and the music was just perfect!