Been busy...

If there's anyone out there in the the b-sphere that's faithfully been checking in to see if I've posted a portrait-a-day then to you I say: thank you for your interest! And: sorry! Man, I've been dang busy with edits and haven't had a chance to shoot a portrait each day. I never made it out to that village upriver from Bethel. Low visibility ultimately kept planes that were headed that direction grounded so I bowed to the weather gods and changed my ticket to come home early to Anchorage.

In the interim before some more engagement photos go up on the blog (among other posts/activities), here's a portrait of a dear friend I've known from high school. I got a new light, and we had a fun moment with it.



  1. Gorgeous photo! I love the idea of a portrait a day- what a wonderful way to highlight all of the unique and wonderful beauty out there!

  2. Beautiful photo! And beautiful YOU! I do follow your blog to practice more living in awe! ;o) But I also know what it is to work moment to moment and just know that each time a photo makes it up here it is truly a gift, a privilege not a right. Loving you from Plano, TX where it is currently in the 70s - yowzah! Merry Christmas Nattykins! xoxo