stuck in Bethel...again

Stuck in Bethel: day three. Planes weren't taking off for the town I was trying to visit--Tuluksak--thirty-five or so miles up the Kuskokwim River from Bethel.


So I borrowed a friend's car and explored the purportedly 16 miles of road that run around town. I found myself by the banks of the Kuskokwim River, the reason for this town's existence as transportation hub of the state's west. Here I found my portrait for the day:
IMG_3559 copy

North of town folks run their dogs.

Left over from the recent middle-of-the-night lamprey eel harvest.

IMG_3579 copy

My favorite bird.

Preparing the net to harvest whitefish.
IMG_3424 copy

Caroline jigging for lush fish.

IMG_3536 copy

A total of five holes were broken in the ice and the net was run beneath the ice from the first hole to the last one. The holes in between were used to house the floats attached to the net so the net would stay high and taut beneath the ice. They'd be back to check on it the next day.
IMG_3527 copy
The ends of the net were attached to logs that were stood upright to mark the net's location.

IMG_3597 copy

The north edge of town backing up to the tundra expanse.

Looking toward town from the dump.

So much spirit, these birds.
IMG_3618 copy

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  1. love it. you really capture the spirit of the place.