Alex & Nate - California wedding!


It didn't really come out until the wedding day toasts, but Alex and Nate put a lot of thought into choosing the most ideal weather day to hold their spring wedding in southern California. In the end, of course, we don't really have a choice about what the weather's going to do. And so, there we were on a spring solstice wedding day that dished out the worst weather I have ever seen in southern California (and I even lived there one winter). Winds were so strong they were blowing down power lines while a large stream carved through the center of the gravel parking lot of the beautiful wedding venue they'd chosen on a hillside in Malibu.

Of course none of this deterred the celebratory mood of the day, in fact I felt that it was enhanced. With a great fire in the fireplace of the ceremonial hall and steamed up windows from the heavy precipitation in the air, a cozy intimacy set the mood which played itself out in free flowing tears during the ceremony and some of the more energetic dancing I've seen at a reception! All in all, an unforgettable celebration of the union of Alex and Nate!

Scroll down to the bottom frame and click the center to see their wedding day slide show.









  1. Natty, as always, amazing. Your slideshow perfectly captured the gamut of emotions and moments. You have such a gift! -Chelsea :)

  2. Wow! You really captured the day in all its beauty, joy, warmth, tenderness, fun, and love. Thanks for bringing it all to life again through this slide show. Randi