Lisa & Tyler wedding!

IMG_4850 IMG_5458 IMG_7278
Lisa and Tyler's wedding was held in a sweet little park full of birch trees near Cook Inlet on a beautiful September day.

Lisa and Tyler hired me for my full day package which meant I spent a few hours with Lisa and her bridesmaids downtown at Salon Ivy while they had their hair and make up done. A few things that stood out to me were Lisa's laid back attitude leading up to the ceremony--something that every groom must appreciate. In the same manner, Tyler had a calm gracefulness he expressed--and I caught him just admiring Lisa a few times throughout the day. Also, as a photographer I appreciated how lively Lisa's bridesmaids were (see dance floor section of slide show) since this always equates to more interesting candid photos throughout the day!

Per usual, here are some of my own favorite images but if you scroll down to the bottom of this post, you can see a slide show of the whole day. Click play on the center and then pause it and allow it a minute to load.

Congratulations Tyler and Lisa!! IMG_6423 IMG_3382 IMG_6604 IMG_6645 IMG_3557 IMG_3803 IMG_3836 IMG_6803 IMG_6789 IMG_6910 IMG_4109 IMG_4180 IMG_7052 IMG_4793 IMG_5075 IMG_5212 IMG_5174 IMG_5339 IMG_5287 IMG_5480 IMG_7430 IMG_7436 IMG_7442 IMG_5703 IMG_5676 IMG_5709 IMG_7466 IMG_7506 IMG_5948 IMG_7476 IMG_5962 IMG_6007 IMG_7543 IMG_7894 IMG_6178 IMG_6186 IMG_5975 IMG_4669


Outdoors work

I haven't been posting a lot of work/play/projects here--really anything that I've been doing beyond weddings. I've shared a lot of that on this blog in the past, so if you're still interested in seeing that kind of work. You can always go on over to my other blog to see fresh updates. I'll be doing a number of western/southwestern flavored trips in the near future and will be posting occasional updates/photos from that trip. You can also "like" my Nathaniel Wilder Photography page on Facebook to stay in touch as any updates I post to my blog will no doubt be shared on the Facebook page. Wheeeeeeee! IMG_9039


Alissa & Ryan wedding!

IMG_5724 IMG_1351 IMG_2127 IMG_3385 I seem to have had quite good fortune this summer with getting to document weddings with epic dance floors. Alissa and Ryan's was one such celebration.
I love these two.
I've been enjoying getting to know them over the years at various weddings of their friends where Alissa has been a bridesmaid. There was Maricel and Wes' wedding celebration last summer and Emily and Elliott's celebration the summer before that. I'm still waiting to hear which of their friends is getting married next summer so we can do this again!

There are quite a few moments that stand out from this day. But above all of them, shining like a beacon to the weary wedding photographer, was one of the greatest performances I have ever seen in my life. And definitely the greatest I've seen at a wedding celebration. I'm referring to Ryan's childhood friend, Bill, and his outstanding rendition of a classic moment from the very 80's movie, The Lost Boys. Here's the original performance from the movie. I pay tribute to this unusual moment in the slide show with a series of images. You can scroll down to the bottom of this post to see that.

In the meantime, following are a series of my own favorite moments (as usual) from Alissa and Ryan's wedding day. Congratulations you two on a beautiful ceremony and exceptional reception celebration!! IMG_9813 IMG_1755 IMG_9636 IMG_0110 IMG_0204 IMG_0296 IMG_0328 IMG_1835 IMG_0235 IMG_1977 IMG_0746 IMG_0724 IMG_0971 IMG_3125 IMG_1228 IMG_1103 IMG_0845 IMG_1256 IMG_3555 IMG_3878 IMG_3822 IMG_4065 IMG_4298 IMG_4245 IMG_4477 IMG_5056 IMG_1900 IMG_2029 IMG_5332 IMG_2100 IMG_5399 IMG_2109 IMG_6219 IMG_5408 IMG_2230 IMG_2263 IMG_2393 IMG_6008 IMG_6125 IMG_2280 IMG_5388 IMG_2419 IMG_6238 IMG_6058 IMG_2493 IMG_2495 IMG_6348 IMG_5205