Amanda & Nick wedding!

IMG_9328 IMG_9389 IMG_8640 Nick and Amanda!
I'm always interested to see how couples approach their wedding day--such a variety of attitudes going into the celebration. So I appreciated seeing Nick and Amanda's ultra-relaxed approach to the day. There wasn't a lot of fanfare or staged moments. Just an unfolding of celebration and love with family and friends. And a bouncy castle for the kids!!

Nick is an excellent musician so I've enjoyed seeing him in his various bands around Anchorage over the years (I think he's involved in at least 5 different musical projects at any given time) so music was an important part of the evening. Various friends and musical students of his graced the stage throughout the evening (including Nick himself). But my favorite part about the celebration came during the ceremony. Years ago, when first dating Amanda, Nick had come across an old canvas and thought he would give it to Amanda, who makes her living through her art. But first he decided (and we all do interesting things in our lovesick states) to paint a stick figure portrait of he and Amanda together, holding hands on the canvas, sure that she would paint over it later.
Well, she didn't.
So this canvas made a reappearance on their wedding day and, right during the ceremony, Nick and Amanda painted the newest addition to their union: their beautiful baby daughter, Marina. It was such a sweet moment in the ceremony, and I've never seen anything like it. I'm sure there weren't many dry eyes in the congregation.

Big love to Nick and Amanda and their new life! Here are some of my favorite images from the day... but scroll down to the bottom of this post to watch a slide show from the celebration. IMG_8302 IMG_8296 IMG_8305 IMG_8343 IMG_8698 IMG_8735 IMG_8469 IMG_8923 IMG_8782 IMG_8970 IMG_8219 IMG_9003 IMG_9143 IMG_8920 IMG_8689 IMG_9497 IMG_9561 IMG_9798 IMG_9148 IMG_9025 IMG_9719 IMG_8641

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  1. absolutely beautiful ! love the slide show :) nice work nate - and congrats to a beautiful couple!