Cassandra & Erik --Girdwood wedding

EK8A5561 Cassie and Erik's late July wedding was held at my favorite indoor venue in south-central Alaska: Our Lady of the Snows chapel in Girdwood. Essentially, it was a destination wedding since neither Cassie nor Erik are from Alaska--and there were only a few guests from in-state (from Erik's time working up here for a few summers). They live on the east coast where Erik is a wedding photographer. For this reason, I was extra honored to be chosen by Erik to photograph the big day. I love the story of how they met. Erik was working in a little cafe down in Cooper Landing for the summer when Cassie, who was vacationing with her family, went inside to get some toilet paper. Her family says she didn't come out for 2 hours. This was the beginning of a relationship that has led to this special day. I've posted a number of my favorite photographs from the wedding day here (as the two opted out of a wedding slide show and I have lots of favorites to share). Congratulations Erik and Cassandra! EK8A4537 EK8A4645 EK8A4732 EK8A4687 EK8A4814 611C3575 611C3624 EK8A4891 EK8A4898 611C3637 EK8A4907 611C3742 EK8A4910 611C3799 611C3810 611C3829 611C3833 611C3775 EK8A4933 611C3895 EK8A5125 EK8A5158 611C3953 611C4022 611C4104 EK8A5316 611C4081 611C4247 EK8A5330 EK8A5373 611C4461 EK8A5446 611C4433 611C4423 611C4487 611C4542 EK8A5805 611C4584 611C4688 611C4660 611C4665 EK8A5739 611C4700 EK8A5809 611C4764 611C4708 611C4768 611C4849 611C4862 EK8A5956 EK8A6056 EK8A6078 611C4878 611C4915 611C4964 611C4981 611C5907 EK8A6116 611C5028 611C5068 611C5052 611C5103 611C5150 611C5164 611C5338 611C5228 611C5406 611C5444 EK8A6200 611C5479 611C5510 EK8A6431 EK8A6371 EK8A6398 EK8A6404 611C5764 611C5783 611C5707 EK8A6489 EK8A6505 611C5922 611C5947 611C5952 EK8A6559 611C5996 611C6026 EK8A6583 611C4882


  1. Loved being there & remembering all the LOVE through these photos. Fantastic!

    Kelly & Ron Walker

  2. Cassie all grown up - and so beautiful! Congratulations!

    Brenda Priddy

    PS: And one amazing photographer!