Katie & Zach -- Anchorage wedding!

EK8A2035 Katie and Zach were married up at the Alpenglow ski chalet just outside of Anchorage. After photographing portraits in blustery conditions along Turnagain Arm, we went up to the ceremony site. Fortunately, the rain held off until the end of the ceremony when a few drops started to fall. By the time we'd finished the last of our mountain-backdrop outdoor portraits, it cut loose and began to pour. But thankfully by then we were headed inside for the reception party. This was my last wedding of the year so I was so excited to see everyone (including parents!) really cut some rug on the dance floor! Following are a spread of my favorite images, but be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post (and turn up your volume) to watch a slide show from the entire wedding day. 611C0940 611C1019 EK8A3212 EK8A3318 EK8A3065 EK8A3292 611C1630 611C1741 611C1786 EK8A3510 EK8A3763 EK8A3854 611C2266 EK8A4008 EK8A4299 611C2382 611C2568 EK8A4749 EK8A4648 611C2757 611C2838 EK8A5021 611C2875 611C2848 611C2946 EK8A5225 611C2914 EK8A5148 611C3088 611C3136 EK8A5479 EK8A5439 EK8A5553 611C3309 EK8A5589 EK8A5944 EK8A5776 EK8A6050 611C1242

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