Elizabeth & Dan -- New Hampshire wedding !

EK8A1118 Elizabeth and Dan were married outdoors across the street from the house that Elizabeth grew up in --in a small town called Henniker in New Hampshire. There were many, sweet moments throughout the day--including the ceremony to which Elizabeth and Dan walked through the woods, followed by the bridal party, a pair of local fiddlers and a the guests. I also loved that, upon sunset and after the main reception, many of the guests joined the bridal party for contra dancing in the loft of a barn recently built on the property. But my favorite moment came on this hot, humid, mostly sunny day when a giant thunderhead appeared on the horizon, ripe with rain, and approached the reception tent as toasts were underway. The wind picked up, threateningly, and heavy showers appeared imminent. Then, just like that, the clouds seemed to take a turn and move right on by the tent--without soaking us--and blue skies slowly deepened into a starlit evening. I'm posting a handful of my favorite images from the day, but scroll down to the bottom of the post to see a full slide show story from Elizabeth and Dan's wedding! 611C9086 EK8A9497 EK8A9438 EK8A9744 EK8A9823 EK8A9961 EK8A9977 611C9632 611C9907 611C9843 EK8A0848 EK8A0938 EK8A1160 EK8A1211 EK8A1586 EK8A1625 EK8A1437 EK8A1331 611C0300

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  1. Nathaniel, you did such a beautiful job with these photos! You captured so many special moments for Liz and her guests. Thank you, thank you, thank you!