Sharon & Tom--California wedding!

_K8A0648 Sharon and Tom were married in the backyard of a beautiful, private home in Laguna Beach on a softly lit spring day at the end of March. I loved seeing how sweet they were with each other. Sharon was a gracious and thoughtful bride. Given Tom's otherwise calm demeanor, I was tickled to see his expert lip sync rendition of "Ice Ice Baby" on the dance floor. One thing that really stood out to me about the day was how much all of their friends came together to contribute to their wedding. From the provision of a beautiful home above the beach to be married in, to the creation of their wedding cake by another friend--the great love their friends have for them was woven into every element of the celebration. I also appreciated the free copies of "The Greatest Thing In The World" --a wonderful handbook about Love--that were given to guests in attendance. The day was an truly an expression of thoughtfulness and love. Happy 2013 everyone! I'll be blogging the handful of out-of-state weddings I'm (looking forward to) photographing this summer--so stay tuned. _K8A1107 _11C3098 _K8A1099 _K8A1157 _11C3241 _K8A1219 _11C3470 _11C3553 _K8A1806 _K8A1872 _K8A2235 _11C2935 _11C3677 _K8A1972 _11C4372 _11C4445 _K8A2672 _11C4865 _K8A2702