Sarah and John wedding -- West Virginia!

_K8A5958 A couple of summer's ago I used the word "epic" (which I don't often use) to describe a certain wedding dance floor in Talkeetna, Alaska--and described how much fun I'd had documenting the craziness of that family as they cut numerous rugs on the dance floor. Fast forward to last year when Sarah (the sister of the aforementioned bride) got in touch with me to photograph her wedding in a historic, beautiful little town in the mountains in West Virginia. Imagine my delight--and expectation--to bear witness to, and document, another epic family dance floor! I'll let the photos do the talking but suffice to say that 1) Yes, Lewisburg is one of the most beautiful places I've been on the east coast, 2) Yes, there was another surprise wedding guest "flash mob" on the dance floor 3) Yes, there was an imaginary jump rope forcing some tight moves such that I have never seen and 4) Yes, the under-12 population (of which there were many) grabbed the DJ's mic at one point and belted out a better rendition of a Kelly Clarkson song than the original that Kelly Clarkson sang. Following are a few of my favorite photos but scroll down to the bottom to see a complete slide show from Sarah and John's epic wedding day! Note: you'll want to watch this in HD to maintain the full image quality --so please link through to Vimeo and watch it there for HD. _K8A5736 _11C2604 _K8A5926 _K8A5614 _11C3918 _11C4372 _11C5665 _11C5619 _11C6261 _11C4686

Lewisburg, West Virginia
June 29, 2013

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  1. so lavish and grand party........i like the dancing part most....everything is so beautifully done..i must say